High Conflict Custody Disputes

About 10% of divorces in this country result in high-conflict disputes surrounding custody litigation.  It is not uncommon for these disputes to negatively impact the children involved and lead to the development of detachment disorders which leave them unable to form friendships for fear of abandonment.   These children’s anxiety can manifest in a multitude of ways such as aggression, depression, sleep disorders, and becoming sexually active prematurely.  In a sense, there is neglect,” said family court Judge Elaine Gordon in the video she co-created, Putting Children First: Minimizing Conflict in Custody Disputes. “Because parents who are fighting are not capable of emotionally caring for their children.”

When you are dealing with a high conflict spouse, and children are involved, choosing the right attorney is paramount.   A high conflict spouse will likely select an attorney that will head to court to fight to the death.  This mindset does not take into account the damage visited upon the children as a result of this battle.  The White Law Office LLC believes the best suited defense of a child’s best interest is if the parent is given guidance on how to negotiate and how your own behavior will affect the proceedings.  We help our clients understand the legal process and through a review of questions, determine whether there will be issues and put the onus back on our clients to decide how to proceed with your case after presenting the facts and the help you make better choices based on realistic outcomes.  It is our goal to present the costs involved so you can determine if the fight is worth and help you settle things out of court, if possible.

During a high-conflict custody dispute, it is crucial to involve other professional as soon as possible to not only defray long-term litigation costs but also reach the best decision for your child.  How can you mitigate the damage to your children?

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