Married + Children

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for anyone

Knowing that a divorce will mark the end of a meaningful relationship and will involve not just property division, but also the life you created as a couple,  is very scary and a difficult challenge.   This journey can be particularly difficult for divorcing couples with children.  When parents decide to divorce, the most common question, or at least it should be the paramount concern, is “Will our children suffer?”

At White Law Office LLC, we understand the turmoil and emotional upheaval that a divorce can mean for children.   Oftentimes, children of divorce feel they have been abandoned; previously secure relationships within their community and the security of their home are removed.  If divorce is unavoidable, the parents must make every effort to make the child’s experience of the event as least destructive as possible to have any chance at all of a positive outcome.

We understand

To support our clients with children, White Law Office LLC provides strong counsel and firm advocacy throughout the divorce process, so that our clients can focus their energies on maintaining security and restoring consistency for their children.  Sometimes, just knowing that you have an experienced professional working on your behalf who is dedicated to the protection of your rights can be a tremendous source of calm in difficult times.

Because of the emotional charge involved with a family in transition, our clients consistently state the trait they seek most in their attorney is trust. Justifiably so–the outcome of these legal problems will shape their future and the future of their families. You need the representation of an attorney who will listen to your particular situation, explain your options and help you find the solution that works best not just for you, but your entire family. At the White Law Office, LLC we have earned our clients’ trust by the results we obtain and by always keeping the lines of communication open.

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