Married + No Children

Post-Marital Agreement to Protect Your Marriage

Married couples without children or with adult children still have significant duties to uphold and protect the marriage.  The White Law Office has developed relationships with professionals such as financial planners, estate managers, and relationship counselors to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

It’s important to us that we develop a long-lasting relationship with our clients, so as life happens we can provide guidance and representation to withstand its challenges.  One service we offer our clients is a secured financial future.  If you are married and you want to make your own agreement regarding the distribution of your property, or you have had a significant change in your finances, a post marital agreement could be beneficial to you and your spouse.

Through our relationship with clients without children, we’ve observed that this journey can adopt several phases–each with it’s own distinct issues.   As a newly married couple, it’s important to discuss with your spouse how you’d like your property to be distributed upon your death.  This discussion will be much different as the couple ages and acquires more assets, particularly if children from previous relationships are involved.  Couples who desire to have children but are unable to conceive naturally may find it necessary to consult with our office for guidance about Georgia’s laws on surrogacy and adoption.

White Law Office, LLC has provided a few suggestions for you and your spouse:

  • It is essential for married couples (even without children) to discuss how each will be taken care of after one spouses passes away and prepare and execute a will.  Georgia’s intestacy laws may not be aligned with your desires for property division.
  • Prepare and discuss Advanced Directives in the event of compromised health or a long-term illness.
  • Review estate planning documents upon any significant life changes such as the acquisition of property or inheritance.
  • Update and review beneficiary designations in life insurance policies and trusts at a minimum of every five years or upon the death of designated beneficiaries.
  • Prepare and execute a Post-Nuptial Agreement…to protect your marriage.

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